ALFRED COOPER, also known as: Alf

Sad news for the Y Services community.

I first met Alf when I was posted from 1 Wireless Regt in Germany to 2 Wireless Regt in Cyprus in 1957. We became friends from the start and this lasted until his death.

We then served together as instructors at Loughborough and later on at Winchester where we both were selected for the first Supervisor Radio Course. We then served again together in Cyprus and Germany.

Alf joined the army as an apprentice at Harrogate in Entry 51B and on joining mans service went on to serve for 35 years. At one stage Alf returned to Harrogate as an instructor to the apprentices that had been selected for training as Special Operators. He had posting to Canada where he spent 6 months at the North Pole at Alert where he learned leatherwork in his spare time. He also did a tour in Australia where on one occasion as a British Warrant Officer he lead a parade through the local town for a memorial parade.

Alf could turn his hand to anything and just a couple of weeks before his death he was still playing his trumpet with the local group he was in.

When he was at 14 Signal Regiment in Celle he met Agnes who was with SSAFA at the time and eventually they married and settled down in Scotland where Agnes came from.

Alf was a great friend and I will miss him.

Added by: T B Neal on 27th April 2014.

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