Sad news for the Y Services community.

J R Webber, UK Secretary of the Lord Kitchener Lodge, Dhekelia, has informed the Y Services(Garats Hay) Branch of the RBL of the death of JOHN DOUGLAS FORSYTH FRANCIS MBE on 28th January 2014. John celebrated his 83rd birthday on 9th January.

Older members of the Y Services community will remember JDF Francis as one of the earliest and most highly respected Royal SignalsTraffic Officers (Radio). I only served with him briefly in 13th Signal Regiment in the summer of 1972, but he certainly left a lasting impression. God bless him !

Those of you who knew him better than I did should feel free to use the Guest Book tab on the Y Services(Garats Hay) RBL website to post your personal tributes to and memories of ‘JDF’.

Dennis Weir, Chairman

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