Agenda for AGM 2015

2.00 pm, 7 November 2015, Greenfields Social Club, Loughborough

1Act of Remembrance Dennis Weir, Chair
2To Close the Agenda John Neal, Secretary
3Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Remarks Chair
4Minutes of the 2014 Branch AGM Secretary
5Matters Arising Secretary
6Apologies Secretary
7President's Address President
8Chairman’s Report and Objectives for 2016 Chair
a.Secretary John Neal
b.Membership Secretary Pete Derrick
c.Welfare Pete Derrick
d.Standard Bearer Tom Neal
e.National Branches District Written Report
f.Poopy Appeal Written Report
10Comments on Reports Chair
11Presentation and Adoption of the Branch Accounts John Farrell, Treasurer
12a. Election of Branch Chairman
b. Election of Branch Treasurer
c. Election of Branch Secretary
d. Election of Branch Committee Member
13Nomination of National Chairman Chair
14Nomination of National Vice Chairman Chair
15Nomination of Board of Trustees Chair
16Appointment of District Committee AGM delegates Chair
17Appointment of Annual Conference delegates Chair
18Branch Byelaws Chair
19Branch Resolutions To Annual Conference Chair
20Summer Meeting 2016 Chair
21Closing Remarks and Date and Place of Next Committee Meeting Chair

Would all members attending the AGM please print and bring copies of the Agenda and the Minutes of the 2014 AGM, click here for AGM minutes.

Thank you.

John Neal
Honorary Secretary

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