At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Y SERVICES (GARATS HAY) BRANCH to be held at the Greenfields Sports and Social Club in Loughborough at 2 pm on Saturday 7 November 2015, it will be necessary to elect:


All of the Branch Officers listed above have completed their 3 year tenure of office but may, if they wish, stand for re-election, while one committee member, appointed by the Committee following the last AGM must be elected to office if he wishes to continue in his post.

On behalf of the Committee I therefore invite Branch Members to seek election to these posts by applying online to me using this letter as a form of application. Job Descriptions are linked electronically to this letter.

To comply with charity law and the regulations of The Royal British Legion each Branch must have a number of elected Officers and Committee members to act as trustees of locally held charitable funds and to manage the charitable business of the Branch between Annual General Meetings. Without Officers and Committee the Branch would be forced to close.

The duties of Officers and Committee members of our Branch are necessary but not arduous. They entail attending two quarterly meetings held face to face on a Saturday in the Summer (normally in June or July) and November (the AGM), and two on-line meetings conducted using Skype on a weekday evening. Each Committee member is invited to accept certain responsibilities relating to Membership, Fundraising, and Publicity to take the Branch forward, but there is no obligation to accept any such responsibility.

Please complete the following if you wish to stand for election and submit the form with a brief CV by no later than 1 October 2015. As the CV will be posted on the website please do not submit personal addresses or telephone numbers. The Branch Membership Secretary holds these details and they are treated in confidence. If you have any queries please address them to the Secretary John Neal by email:

The duties, role and responsibilities of the posts can be found by clicking on the links below:

Branch Chairman

Branch Secretary

Branch Treasurer

Branch Committee Member

If you wish to stand for election submit your request to the Secretary by clicking here and completing the email. If you are unable to open the e-mail read the details and follow the instructions on the Nomination Form page clicking here.

Dennis Weir

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