In January 2015 the tenure of the current Chairman of the National Branches District, Dave Street, a member of our Branch, will come to an end.

It will therefore be necessary to elect a new Chairman who may be any member of a Branch belonging to the National Branches District, which includes, for example, the Riders Branch and St James’ Branch as well as our own Branch. He/she does not need to be a Branch Officer or even a Committee Member, the only criteria is that nominees must be paid-up members of a constituent Branch of the District.

The procedure is as follows:

Nominations must be made in writing (by email) to your Branch Secretary NO LATER THAN 8 OCTOBER 2014, to include the Name, Branch, and Membership Number of the nominee and the Name and Membership Number of the proposer.

The Proposer must also submit written evidence that the Nominee will accept nomination (an email from the Nominee will suffice), and ask the Nominee to submit a CV to your Secretary in support of the Nomination which will be posted on our website.

At our AGM on 8 November a paper ballot will be held to determine our Branch Nominee whose name will be submitted to the District Annual General Meeting and put together with nominations from other Branches in the District. The District AGM will then elect a new Chairman. Should there be a single nomination at the Branch AGM that nominee’s name will be forwarded, and if there is only one nomination received from constituent Branches of the District that person will be deemed elected, unopposed, at the District AGM.

In accordance with Legion policy each elected District Chairman is elected to a 3 year term, but this does not exclude one person from being elected for three terms as Chairman.

In accordance with this policy Dave Street has indicated he will accept nomination for a further 3 year term.

I trust the foregoing is clear, but should you have any queries please address them to me by email in the first instance.

John Neal, Honorary Secretary, Y Services (Garats Hay) RBL Branch


Dave Street CV