Older Photographs

The following two photographs were supplied by Brian Boyle and were taken at Langeleben circa 1979 on the occasion of the commissioning of George Cox and Pete Cant.
George COx being thrown in
George Cox being thrown in

Garats Hay, Spring 1955

The following two photos were supplied by Jim McLeod and he is shown as 2nd from left with Ginger Mason next to him.  He says that billets were in spiders where the coke stoves gave heating and hot water.  For PT they were engaged in building a gym from a job lot of corrugated sheet the QMSI had liberated. If anyone can identify any others, please let me know


GH 1955 GH 1955  (2)
Squad 56 Spec Op Training          Outside the Admin Block at Garat's Hay, June 1948. 
Back Row:  Tom Baker; Taffy Collier; Ron Witney; ? Rogers; Les Boscott; ?; ?; ? Edwards.  
Middle Row: Bill Cooper; ?; RH Roberts; (Cornishman); Brock Tomlinson; ?.  
Front Row: Ron Wright; Frank (Lou) Perretta; Dubres Morris; Bill Frame; Scouse Jones; Joe Trenneman.
Names were supplied by Brock Tomlinson.Squad 56 Spec Op Trg
Bill Cooper is in the back row - 4th from right.  Barrie Voisey is holding the board.     

     A Watch, 2 Squadron, 2 Wireless Regiment, Famagusta
     Bill Cooper is in the back row - 4th from right
2 Squadron , 2 Wireless Regiment Football Team,
circa October 1948 (National Service
Bill Cooper is in the front row last on right    
Bill Cooper is in the front row last on right

C Watch 1943
       ATS Special Wireless Operators Beaumanor April 1943
DF Exercise - Isle of Man - 1943        DF Exercise - Isle of Man - 1943
Members of 1 Special Wireless Regiment 1948      Members of 1 Special Wireless Regiment - 1948 

Officer Commanding with Master of Foxhounds Making friends View from the Officers' Mess
These photographs were submitted by Michael Bland, a National Service recruit stationed at Garats' Hay 1954/55.
The OC was Maj Harvey, Training Officer Capt Hancock and they were kept in order by 'Q' MacAdam" (26 Feb 2003)

2 Sqn 2 Wireless Regt
Nicolaos Minor Camp
Famagusta 1954/55
Failure of the watch truck     
Watch truck needing attention       
     Typical tented accommodation
      Typical tented accommodation

Celebrations.  Major Harris,  SSM Stephens,             

Photographs taken by Michael Bland on VP Kodak 127 camera     
Members of the WOs' & Sgts' Mess
at the 9 Sig Regt Summer Ball - 1976

Summer Ball 9SR 1976

3 Sqn 13Sig Regt X-Country Team       
 3 Squadron 13 Signal Regiment
Cross Country Team
Berlin Field Force Cross Country Meeting 1979
Civilian Staff on a visit to Cyprus - 1962        Cyprus Visit

E Wing Instructors
      Instructors of Garats Hay E Wing 1986
Garats Hay Site 2004         Garats Hay site 2004
Garats Hay Group            Garats Hay group. Can you fill in the blanks?
Taken from photo belonging to Maj (ret) Dewi Treherne, who appears as a Sgt,third from right, back row.
Front Row. L-R Pete Ellis, U/K, Mark Hamilton, Les Bayman.
Seated. Len Overton, Pip Dunne, Joe Ogilvie, Maj Bruce Bovey, Bill Barnard, Ted Boston, John Finch.
Standing, U/K, Jock Steele (RAEC), John Gayther, U/K, U/K, D Houghton, Brian Abbis, Mick Hopewell.
Back Row. U/K, Ron Ross, Jock(Scotty) Scott, -- York (RAPC), Dewi Treherne, Kenny Kent, U/K ? ACC.

Regimental Change of Name