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Branch members who would like to track down old friends from the Y Services, should contact the chairman Dennis Weir by email ( who will attempt to put members in touch with one another.



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John Hannam Looking to find old buddies from 2 Wireless Regiment, Famagusta, during 1953-55. Or from Woodhouse Eaves training camp, January - July 1953.

Replies may be sent to the Branch Chairman via the email address on the website.
04 Jul 16

One of our Branch members, Tony Moore, is organising a reunion of Int Corps personnel who did their basic training in Ashford in Squad 29 which began training in November 1969. He is particularly trying to track down Bill Soutar and Ian Parfitt.

Can anyone shed any light on their whereabouts?

Replies may be sent to the Branch Chairman via the email address on the website.
18 Nov 14
William Fowler I served at 2 Wireless Regiment in Cyprus 1951/52. I would like to be able to find any person who served in the Y Services at that time.

Have we any members who served at that time?

20 June 14
Olive Spinks I am contacting you to see if I can find some surviving members of the women’s Royal Corps of Signals. My mother is Olive Spinks and she was one of the morse code interceptors. Today she has Alzheimer’s disease but because old memories become more significant she speaks very fondly of this period of her life. I am wondering if you have any contacts with the women who may have known her? She currently lives in Bendigo, Australia in an aged care facility which is near me. It would be wonderful if I could find someone who would be keen to write to her and reminisce about these war years.


Olive Spinks Group photo including Olive Spinks
18 June 14

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