Easy Fundraising

Here is a brand new way that members of the Y Services (Garats Hay) Branch of the Royal British Legion can raise funds for the Poppy Appeal without:

  • Yomping across the Sahara Desert
  • Cycling across Europe
  • Swimming the Channel
  • Pounding the streets of Lincoln

All this fundraising scheme requires is a few extra keystrokes on your PC/Laptop/Tablet. You wont even have to get out of your armchair. It is as easy as that.

All you have to do is join up to our fundraising scheme by going to


It will not cost you a penny to join

Then every time you shop on-line, go to the easyfundraising account first and then select your on-line retailer. Not every retailer supports the scheme, but over 3000 of them do, so you have a good chance of finding yours.

This really is the only extra step that you have to take – it will add about 30 seconds to the time it takes to do your on-line shopping.

Now do your on-line shopping in the normal way.

After you’ve completed your transaction and checked out, the retailer will make a donation to your good cause which will be the Y Services (Garats Hay) Branch RBL. The retailers’ donations may be as small as 2% of the cost of the item, in other words they will often be just a matter of a few pence, but if 450+ members of the Branch support the scheme, substantial sums will be raised every month.

There are no catches or hidden charges and the Royal British Legion will be really grateful to pass on your donations to the Poppy Appeal.

Many thanks for your support

Dennis Weir

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