Y Services

(Garats HaY)

All who served or continue to serve in the Y Service Organisation; regardless of single service or civilian affiliation, are strongly encouraged to join the Y Services (Garats HaY) Branch of the Royal British Legion.

Branch: BR3502

To visit the main Royal British Legion site please click the link below:

The Royal British Legion

Why Not Join the Branch?

This Branch was specifically formed for everyone in our community, no matter where, when or for how long they served. Family members are also most welcome to join.

The current cost of membership of the Y Services (Garats HaY) Branch is £22 a year (£17 for RBL membership plus a £5 Branch subscription fee). Membership of the Royal British Legion is, of course, open to anyone who wishes to support the Legion’s aims and ethos. However, prospective members who have no Y Services background may wish to consider joining their local branch or perhaps the St James’ Branch which is a national branch with no specific service or geographical affiliations.


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