Request for Historical Information

I recently received the following email from someone who had found our branch via our website.

Can anyone help the sender, Paul Scott, with his request for information about a WW2 DF site in Essex ? If you have anything to pass on to Paul, please contact me at and I will put you in touch with him.

“Just found your site as I am researching an Admiralty DF station at Pleshey, Essex. (see top right of the attachment for reference to Beaumanor)

Its actually in the parish of Pleshey, just, but is referred to on all MoD / war dept. stuff usually as referred to as Ford End, which is in the parish of Gt. Waltham.

There are two Nissen Huts from WW2 and we are proposing to convert each of them in to a dwelling. We have ‘in principle’ support from the local Planning dept.

I have gathered quite a lot of info. already, but am seeking info on:-

– what the site was used for after the end of WW2. I u’stand it was used in the cold war.

– the names of anyone that worked and stayed there, as, hopefully, when we get Planning Permission and all the work is done, we would like to have someone there for the opening who worked there, (if poss. due to ages / elapsed time), or a relative.

I’m sending you one link that tells you a bit about the site and has a photo showing the five aerials / masts:

Click here for link to Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance

Paul Scott”

Note – it is worth having a look at this link too.


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